Nanotherapy for brain tumours

Patient in the magnetic field applicator

How nanotherapy works
Magnet fluid hyperthermia (MFH) is a new procedure for the local treatment of malicious brain tumours. The therapy is based on nanoparticles containing iron oxide, which are injected directly into the tumour at the start of therapy. I perform this surgical intervention in theBundeswehrkrankenhaus (Military Hospital) Berlin with the help of a navigation system. The patient is placed under general anaesthesia. The operation takes about three hours, and on the following day the patient can leave the bed again. The patient is then placed in a magnetic field applicator developed by the company Magforce Technologies AG. The system resembles a computer tomography scanner and produces an alternating magnetic field that is harmless for patients. This sets the nanoparticles in the tumour tissue into oscillation, which produces warmth in the tumour tissue. Depending on how high the generated temperatures are, the tumour cells are either destroyed directly or sensitized for accompanying radio/chemotherapy.

Animated film on Nano-Cancer® Therapy
Press reports in the Ärztezeitung, Bild am Sonntag, Wirtschaftswoche

Who is eligible to receive nanotherapy
MFH treatment is suitable for malicious brain tumours that have already been treated with conventional clinical methods – surgical operation, biopsy, radiation and chemotherapy – without success. MFH is therefore suitable for brain tumours which continue to grow despite treatment, or which reappear (“tumour recurrence”).

Duration of treatment and assumption of costs
The complete treatment will last for a total of about four weeks. Following the three-hour operation, the patient will remain in the clinic for two weeks. One week after this medical intervention, heat therapy and radiation begin, which are both carried out in the Radiotherapy Clinc of the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. This treatment lasts for three weeks. The treatment is based on the following cycles: radiation five times a week for a period of three weeks plus a one-hour heat treatment in the magnetic field applicator twice a week. A reimbursement of costs by the public health insurance companies can only be granted upon application.

Nanotherapy effectiveness
An efficacy study with 59 patients confirmed a survival period of 13.4 months following treatment of tumour recurrences. You can find the study here.

You can actively contribute to therapeutic success
The fight against cancer is based on effective medical therapy. However, it’s also true that the best aid for our health is a strong immune system. Psychological condition, nutrition and physical exercise all affect our immune system to a considerable degree – this has been shown by an increasing number of scientific studies. To this end, targeted nutritional plans, sports groups and special psychological offers exist for tumour patients. In a personal consultation, I would be pleased to advise you on how you can actively contribute to fighting your tumour through holistic lifestyle measures.